Zeolite- What Is It?

What is Zeolite?


Zeolite Clinoptilolite
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Zeolite is a mineral. It is mined from the ground. The above picture is what zeolite looks like when it comes out of the ground… kind of like a quartz stone. The next picture is what it looks like after it's been ground up, and then once the Original Liquid Zeolite company processes it.

What Does Zeolite Do?

This is a great question. Zeolite is a very special mineral because it is magnetized. It has a slightly negative charge and attracts molecules of oppisite charge. That is a PART of it's function. The other part is the structure itself, which is shaped kind of like a honeycomb, but it is very small. It therefore can only attract molecules that have the opposite charge AND are very small. This is important to know, because that means it can draw out things like mercury and lead which are very small, and some viral particles and other toxins, but it can not, for example, remove potassium, or some of the other nutrients that the body needs.

What is Zeolite Used For?

best zeoliteZeolite has a number of industrial and agricultural uses. It has been used in fertilzer because it loosely grabs nitrogen and then releases it to the plant. It has been used in kitty litter as an odor and ammonia adsorbant. It has been used in animal feed because of it's ability to grab aflatoxins, which are dangerous to ruminating animals. Zeolite has been used in pool filtration and it has been used to sop up radioactive waste spills as well.

More recently, the zeolite clinoptilolite has been showing up in nutritional supplements. Because of it's ability to grab heavy metals, radioactive materials, viral particles and such, zeolite has been developed as a nutritional supplement to aid in body and blood detoxification.  As supplementation, zeolite has been getting so much recent attention, that the famous Sloan-Kettering Memorial Cancer Center has a page dedicated to zeolite. Here is an excerpt from that page.

Here is an excerpt from Sloan Kettering followed by the link to the page on Cancer and Zeolite.

Zeolite Mechanism of Action

Zeolites have ion-exchanging and adsorption properties. Zeolite granules, when used externally on wounds, can stop bleeding and promote clotting through the absorption of water . Zeolites are thought to adsorb pathogenic microbials, glucose, and alcohol in the stomach and intestine and have been proposed for use in diarrhea, diabetes, and hangover . Due to their alkaline nature, zeolites have pH buffering effects. They can adsorb nitrosamines in acidic solution  leading to claims that they can also be used as anticancer treatment by removing carcinogenic substances in the stomach. However, such effects have not been substantiated in humans. A few in vitro studies indicate that micronized zeolite inhibited protein kinase B; and induced expression of tumor suppressor proteins. In animal studies, micronized zeolite product was shown to reduce metastasis and increase the effect of doxorubicin due to its antioxidant property. It also increased peritoneal macrophages after intraperitoneal application and stimulate graft- versus-host reaction.  Precise mechanisms of action remain largely unknown. Micronized zeolite can affect brain serotonergic receptors activities of mammary carcinoma bearing mice . However, the clinical implication of this effect in humans is unclear. Zeolite supplementation did not prolong survival in tumor-bearing animals. Zeolites may have both immunosuppressing and immunostimulating effects. In animal studies, they caused decline of GM-CFU in the bone marrow  but increase graft-versus-host (GvH) reaction. Zeolite products have other benefits when used in animal feed: they increase mineral utilization, reduce heavy metals induced anemia  and reduce aflatoxin toxicity. None of these benefits are applicable to humans.


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Does Zeolite Work?

I get asked that question a lot, and I guess the answer is… what would you like it to work for? Zeolite increases (buffers) pH creating slight alkalinity. It removes heavy metals and toxins, making it an effective blood and body detoxifier. It removes viral particles and allows your immune system to recover and begin to heal. Zeolite has a number of uses both inside and outside the body. It works well for many things, and it doesn't work for other things. The biggest thing people want to know is… does zeolite cure cancer? The best I can do is offer some suggested reading.

I have been receiving SO MANY questions about zeolite that I wrote a short ebook to try to answer them all. It`s a free ebook written specifically to help you sort through all the information, and misinformation, that is out there about zeolite. So go ahead and visitwww.TheLiquidZ eoliteBook.com and request your free copy of The Liquid Zeolite Book.  Before you make any decision about purchasing Zeolite liquid, powder, pill or capsule, you really should read the free Liquid Zeolite Book and make sure all of your questions are answered.

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