Zeolite Cancer Cure?


Zeolite and cancer?

There is a new buzz in the "alternative prevention and treatment for cancer" arena. It's called " Zeolite" and there are a number of people on the internet promoting it. Let's take a closer look at zeolite for cancer, and see if it measures up to claims.

What Is Zeolite?

Zeolite is a crystalline mineral found in the ground. It is formed when a volcano erupts and the lava hits sea or ground water and cools very quickly. There have been over 100 different  kinds of zeolite rocks identified, and they are used in all kinds of applications from kitty litter to absorbing nuclear spills. More recently, however,  a specific kind of zeolite has been added to nutritional supplements. It's a  zeolite called "clinoptilolite" and that's the one we are going to look closely at.

What Makes Zeolite Special?

Zeolite is a rock, but it is a rock with very special properties. Clinoptilolite zeolite has a structure that resembles a honeycomb. See if you can picture a cage-like structure filled with tiny holes. This zeolite also has a  weak negative magnetic charge. It is the only crystalline substance known to be magnetized in such a way. If you can understand these two properties, then you will be able to understand how zeolite works.

What Does Zeolite Do?

Whenever zeolite crystals are exposed to molecules that have an opposite magnetic charge, they draw together. If the molecule is tiny enough, it will then get drawn deeper into the honeycomb cage, getting trapped there. Heavy metals like mercury, cadmium and lead, radioactive molecules like strontium, and even compounds like ammonia carry an opposite positive charge. The zeolite has the ability to draw itself to a heavy metal or toxic molecule and pull it into the structure of the zeolite itself. This is why zeolite traditionally has been used for kitty litter, pool filtration, radioactive spills etc.

Why do people eat zeolite?

You know that in our daily lives we are exposed to heavy metals and toxins daily in our food, water and air. Wouldn't it be great if we could get a zeolite particle small enough that it would pass through into the bloodstream, and clean up all that mercury in our body from fillings, or the lead from the paint that was on our walls when we were kids? That is exactly what one company did, and then several more followed. Now there are several companies producing supplements with zeolite in them as a detox agent.

Does zeolite really work for detox?

The zeolite particles absolutely must be small enough to pass through the digestive tract into the bloodstream and must also be cleaned.  Just imagine all of the toxins zeolite has picked up from being exposed in the earth. The zeolite particles do what zeolite does… They pick up heavy metals and toxins. Once cleaned, the honeycomb cages are then free to pick up some more. There is only one company that I know of that cleans it properly.

So Does Zeolite Cure Cancer?

There are websites claiming zeolite is a cure for cancer, and that it bursts cancer cells, and activates the p21 gene. Zeolite on it's own is NOT a cancer cure. Zeolite has been responsible for some pretty remarkable testimonials, including from people who had cancer but there is no way to know whether the zeolite was responsible or not.  Zeolite removes heavy metals and toxins, and restores a healthy slightly alkaline pH in the body. Healing can seem like a miracle, but really what is happening is that zeolite is relieving the body of it's burden of heavy metals and toxins. Free of these poisons, the immune system may now focus on disease. To summarize, zeolites are minerals with a slight negative charge and a honeycomb structure. They draw heavy metals and toxins deep into their cage and this makes them good in situations where absorption of ammonia, heavy metals, radioactive spills and toxins are present. It also makes them valuable in a nutritional supplement because they can get into the bloodstream and safely remove heavy metals and toxins in your body.

In order to be safe and effective in a supplement, zeolite must be small enough to enter the bloodstream, and it absolutely must be cleaned of the toxins it already carries. 

Zeolite does not cure cancer. It does remove heavy metals and toxins, and we think that this frees up the immune system and allows it to focus on disease.

Before purchasing a dietary zeolite product please make sure that you are getting one that is safe. There is only one company that I am aware of that starts with zeolite mined specifically for human consumption,  properly processes the zeolite powder for safe consumption and no fillers.

Does Zeolite Work?

I get asked that question a lot, and I guess the answer is… what would you like it to work for? Zeolite increases (buffers) pH creating slight alkalinity. It removes heavy metals and toxins, making it an effective blood and body detoxifier. It removes viral particles and allows your immune system to recover and begin to heal. Zeolite has a number of uses both inside and outside the body. It works well for many things, and it doesn’t work for other things. The biggest thing people want to know is… does zeolite cure cancer? The best I can do is offer some suggested reading.

I have been receiving SO MANY questions about zeolite that I wrote a short ebook to try to answer them all. It`s a free ebook written specifically to help you sort through all the information, and misinformation, that is out there about zeolite. So go ahead and visitwww.TheLiquidZeoliteBook.com and request your free copy of The Liquid Zeolite Book.  Before you make any decision about purchasing Zeolite liquid, powder, pill or capsule, you really should read the free Liquid Zeolite Book and make sure all of your questions are answered.


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