Waiora Diamond’s Review of Touchstone Essentials

Korey Johnson, Waiora Diamond, Reviews Touchstone Essentials Pure Body Zeolite Product

A new company called Touchstone Essentials has emerged on the scene, as some of you may know. Touchstone is headed up by former Waiora owner/co-founder Eddie Stone, and it is no surprise that one of their first products is a zeolite product. 

Waiora members are feeling a little threatened by this new start up. Especially in view of the fact that Eddie has attracted one of Waiora's top leaders to head up his sales force, and several of Waiora's support staff. 

Watch as Korey Johnson "reviews" Touchstone's zeolite, and read on for my observations.

You know what that thick pasty stuff is Korey? It's ZEOLITE! No I'm NOT joshin' you. That's zeolite in that bottle, mixed in water!

You have been taking "zeolite" for how long? 

Is anyone surprised that one of Waiora's top salespeople doesn't know what zeolite looks like when you mix it in water? Could that be because they have never HAD any zeolite mixed in water to try? 8 years, 4 million bottles sold, and Waiora's top sales leaders have never actually tasted zeolite mixed in water. I bet I am not the only person who wonders what's in a bottle of NCD.

I also think it is interesting that Waiora is so keen to do testing now.  Why the sudden interest in testing? 

Seriously people, joking aside, Touchstone Essentials' product may be a good one. I don't know, because unlike Waiora, I haven't tested it. I am also not one to say I have had something tested  when I haven't. However, the Touchstone Essentials zeolite product has 3 grams of zeolite powder in less than an ounce of water. That is sure to make a nice thick substance.

I can't imagine why someone would spend $30 on 3 grams of zeolite powder mixed into a little wee bit of water to make a zeolite glue, when you can get 400 grams of what might very well be the best zeolite powder available to North America, for less than $60.

3 grams = $30 or 400 grams = $60

If you like the math, read more in my "Buy Zeolite" article. 

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