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White Paper Madness- The Fraud Continues

How do you cover up a fraud? With MORE FRAUD!

The NCD SCAM continues.

Do you remember my Article "Where Are Those Clinical Trials Anyway?" I wrote it because Waiora had been claiming for years that they were the only zeolite company that had clinical trials done on their product Natural Cellular Defense. At one time, they claimed there were 14 clinical trials done on the product including "The Coal Miner's Study". This study is one of the ones spoken about quite frequently.

So recently, Rik Deitsch, BS has been making some noise that clinical studies are really really hard to get published. (because, you know, like, the journals actually expect real science, and stuff!) So Waiora is starting to publish the "studies" in "White Paper" form.

They even have them posted at their official NCD Support website. They even posted the links on their facebook page.

So what is so special about the "white papers" that perpetuates the liquid zeolite scam?

Well let me show you. Here is the "White Paper" recently (Feb 17th 2012) posted on Waiora's site. It has been lovingly referred to, by RD, as "The Coal Miner's Study". If you Google it, you will find it referenced all over the internet for many years by many Waiora distributors. Supplementation-with-Activated-Zeolite-Suspension-helps-remove-heavy-metals-_wv-coal-miner-study_-1

Yes and I know many people are scratching their head and wondering what the point is. Well as I was reading it, it just didn't sound right to me. It felt familiar, but I am pretty sure I had never read this paper before…. or HAD I?

Here is the abstract from the "Dove Press" clinical trial. A different study, using different groups, different methodology, and different people. http://www.dovepress.com/clinical-evidence-supporting-the-use-of-an-activated-clinoptilolite-su-peer-reviewed-article-NDS

The first thing that is BLATANTLY obvious is that one is a copy-paste of the other! 2 different studies, with the exact same words!!  The entire document is a 4 paragraph pathetic word-for-word lift off!  A few sentences changed minimally.

Second, notice in the Dove Press study the line I have hi-lighted? Scroll up to the Coal Miners Study. You will see the exact line

Participants in both groups had increased concentrations of heavy metals in the urine with the peak excretion at around day 4.


For those on the ACS, the excretion levels went up 9 fold over baseline within a week and stayed that way for the entire time of the study. For the placebo subjects, there was no change from baseline excretion.

CAUGHT!!  Rik Deitsch BS changed the "outcome" by saying the zeolite group had increased excretion, and the placebo group had none, BUT forgot to take out the sentence saying both groups had results (in the Dove Press study, supposedly both groups got zeolite). In the coal miner study ONLY ONE GROUP (supposedly) GOT ZEOLITE! The control group got a placebo.

Honestly, it's not that hard to fake a clinical trial today. If all you need is 4 paragraphs thrown together into a PDF, why not throw five dollars at some outsourcer in India and get a flipping article written?! No… that's too hard. Instead you are going to plagiarize Jim Flowers' Dove Press Study?

Someone should tell Stan Cherelstein he needs to proof read the papers that have Waiora's name on them.  Rik Deitsch's "White Papers" should be cut into squares, wrapped around a cardboard roll and sold to Cottonelle.

As new zeolite products arrive in the industry, including Jim Flowers' new NCD Wellness D-lite 3 product and Eddie Stone's new zeolite product called "Pure Body" (Touchstone Essentials) I will learn about them and report objectively.

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