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 Natural Heavy Metal Chelation With Zeolite

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Why zeolite? Did you know that there have been some 50,000 man made chemicals introduced into our world in the last century? Our bodies, while designed to protect us and remove toxins, was never designed for the burden we are faced with today. The heavy metals in our environent would really shock you if you knew the extent. Chelation has become a worldwide neccesity.

Think about the lead in gasoline and paint in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s… even into the 80’s. many older homes still have lead paint and lead plumbing. What about arsenic? Did you know that arsenic can be found in pressure treated lumber? There is mercury, not just in the fillings in your mouth and your tuna and salmon, but also in those power saver lightbulbs. In the 1950’s and 60’s exposure to cadmium in the work place was high. As we became aware of the dangers, exposure lessened but it is till a risk. Silver solder has cadmium. In Japan, environmental cadmium has accumulated due to industrial run off contaminating rice paddies, and then the rice being consumed by people. 

There are thousands and thousands of such examples and all these metals eventually find their way into people and animals, and all living things. Heavy metal chelation in the general population has never been so important for the health of a species as it is right now.

Safe Chelation With Zeolite

All of us have a level of heavy metal exposure. If you have heavy metals causing health issues, there are very few natural chelation solutions, and none that can touch the power of zeolite.

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Zeolite is a possible answer. Because of the zeolite molecule’s unique ability to selectively attract, adsorb and remove from the body only heavy metals, and leave the beneficial minerals behind, it is safer than traditional chelation type drugs. 

Heavy Metal Chelation

Let’s talk about heavy metal chelation for a moment. Typically, EDTA or DMPS chelation drugs need to be administered by intravenous therapy. This means you need to be in an outpatient setting… a clinic or office somewhere. You need to be hooked up to an I.V. and the drug needs to drip into your arm over a period of time while you are observed by a medical professional. It is expensive, and there are side effects. Traditional chelation agents like EDTA are not 100% effective either. What happens is that, as the heavy metals get lower, the chelating agent begins to remove the ions that you need for health… iron, magnesium or calcium, or other ions that you need for health, and they need to be replaced in greater amounts as your heavy metal burden lessens.

Zeolite will cause the chelation of heavy metals but leaves your good ions alone. Zeolite is also very easy to take compared to the chelation drugs like EDTA. You simply take a scoop, mix it with water, or juice, and drink it. If you don’t like the fuss of the powder then capsules are a fantastic alternative. 

It is relatively inexpensive as well. You can get a tub of the micronized zeolite powder for $60 or so USD and it has approximately 90 servings in it. Even if you take 3 servings a day you still get an entire month’s worth for sixty dollars. 

Chelation with zeolite is safe as there are no real side effects. You will lose some water as you lose the toxins, but this is easily remedies by drinking a couple of extra glasses of pure water. 

I know that each one of us has at least some exposure to heavy metals, and for most of us the exposure is likely much greater than we know. I take zeolite every day as my chelating agent of choice.

Chelation With Zeolite Makes Sense


S. Penney is a retired registered nurse with a continued, insatiable thirst for health and wellness information. Although Shelley hails from traditional medical training, she is always searching for ways in which the natural world of healing herbs, foods and supplements can intersect with traditional medicine and benefit us all. She has spent the last few years learning about  zeolite for detox, and providing zeolite information to help people educate themselves on this subject.

Visit the home page of www.TheLiquidZeoliteBook.com to get a free ebook about zeolite. Learn more about which zeolites are safe before you spend money! 

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I am a retired registered nurse with a passion for understanding how the body works, and how to achieve optimal health. Sharing that information with others fulfills my personal mission to make a difference in the lives of others.

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Shelley Penney

I am a retired registered nurse with a passion for understanding how the body works, and how to achieve optimal health. Sharing that information with others fulfills my personal mission to make a difference in the lives of others.

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