The Liquid Zeolite Book

Liquid Zeolite… SCAM? or Miracle cure

Before you buy ANY zeolite you need to read this report, but only if you want to save money and time searching for the right product only to discover you've been 'had' by slick marketing and a fancy story.

Believe me when I tell you, what I am going to share with you I had to learn the hard way. After spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars on worthless products and sorting through the marketing jibber-jabber, I have followed a long road to the truth.

By now you have come to realize that there are a lot of different 'opinions' about zeolite. At this moment, I am sure you are thoroughly confused!

skip the rest of the talk and go right to the book

Is zeolite a scam

Have you started to wonder if that is the point?

If you are confused enough, and scared enough (based on what you think zeolite does after your tour on the internet), then maybe you will buy the zeolite that is number 1 in Google's search engine. Or maybe you will buy the guy who has six websites about zeolite on the front page. Will you buy from the guy who has the best marketing? Will you even hear the little guy who may be telling the truth, but is found many pages back in the search results?

Is the answer on the front page of Google?

Let's face it, Google doesn't know the truth anymore than you do. The search engines are also 'victim' to great marketing. Google decides to put something on the front page of the results based on what their computer thinks of the way the words are arranged on your page. Google doesn't make a judgement, they just serve up the best websites, not necessarily the best answers.

Do a Google search. There are nearly 5 MILLION web pages that mention zeolite!

The guys on the front page make the most sales, but

are they selling the zeolite you need?

skip the rest of the talk and go right to the book

So how is anyone supposed to make sense of the opinions, facts and scientific facts floating around?

Well I guess there are a couple of ways. You can visit thousands of websites, take a survey of all the information that's out there, and go with the ones that have the most information… OR you can search until you find someone it feels like you can trust.

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Just in case the second option is the one you prefer, let me tell you a bit about myself…

Zeolite Shelley PenneyMy name is Shelley Penney. I am a Registered Nurse, and I retired a few years back. Since I retired I have done a variety of things to earn money from home. For the first couple of years I sold cosmetics from my home office. Then I got sick, and for a couple of years I didn't really go out much, so my sales business took a beating.

While I was sick, I started scouring the internet for a product that could help me feel better, with the thought that if I did feel better I could tell other people about it, and earn a living that way. I really liked this idea because it was something that not only could help me, but (hopefully) a lot of other people too!

I didn't find zeolite right away. I tried a few other things first, but I have been sharing knowledge of zeolite since 2006. I also share information on a lot of natural health alternatives through my newsletter, which you get at the same time that you get the zeolite ebook. I have read nearly every bit of information on the internet about zeolite. OK well that's getting harder to keep up with since there has been an explosion of new zeolite supplements in the past year or so, but I just wanted to make a point that I know an awful lot about zeolite.

I have made some mistakes, and spent a lot of money on the wrong products, but that money has bought me some valuable lessons that I want to share with you.

Click to read what people say about Shelley Penney

Want to know why I don't promote liquid zeolite? Read Is Liquid Zeolite a Scam? Zeolite Scam
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What Information Would Help You Choose the Best Zeolite Product for Your Needs?

Well first you want to know, will zeolite cure … well… whatever you or a loved one is suffering with, right?  Or if it can at least help you in some way. You also want to know, is zeolite safe, clean, and non-toxic, and you want to know what the zeolite side effects are. Generally you want good information that can help you make a decision about which is the best zeolite to buy, am I right? 

You are not alone in wondering these things. There are a lot of people out there just like you…a dad with cancer, a young mom with an autistic child who heard that autism and thimerosal are connected, a maintenance worker with asbestos exposure, a 45 year old, once healthy, career woman who can't leave home because of chemical sensitivity, a 32 year old dad who can't enjoy soccer with his son because of acute allergies, a 68 year old with a heart condition and history of "heavy metals" exposure that the doctor has recommended chelation (detox) therapy for, a 43 year old shift worker with crippling fibromyalgia, a dental hygienist with years of exposure to mercury amalgam in dental fillings, you just want a good detox agent, or you are someone who is suffering from any one of a host of different diseases, syndromes, illnesses, or symptoms that could be linked to toxin overload!

I can help you with that. The answer to your questions are in Liquid Zeolite – It's Not What You Think that you are going to get free. 

 Next, you need to know if you should get Liquid Zeolite or Zeolite Powder.

zeolite powder and liquid zeolite

Liquid  people say zeolite powder doesn't work, and the powder people say zeolite liquid doesn't work. All of them have pretty compelling arguments to support their position. So how do you figure out who is telling the truth about zeolite?

I can help you answer that question as well.
Visit Liquid Zeolite or Zeolite Powder- Which One is Best?

The truth is , the argument really isn't about liquid or powder. Seriously… liquid zeolite is only zeolite powder already mixed in water for you.  But what PRODUCTS are better than others? Which ones are dangerous? Which one is safe for you to use?.. that information is available in The Liquid Zeolite Book.  

 Finally I Think You Want To Know That You Are Getting The Best Product For Your Money

Let's face it, the search for natural health can be an expensive one, ESPECIALLY if you go by what a stranger tells you on the internet. You don't have to believe ME either, but one of the benefits you have is that my email and telephone number are inside the ebook. You can call me, or email me and I will answer your questions personally. 

Most people on the internet aren't curing their (or your) cancer, they are selling product. Zeolite does not cure cancer, and it isn't a miracle cure for anything. This book explains what it DOES do and it is important that you read it before you ingest zeolite products.

 I'm about to BLOW THE LID OFF the Liquid Zeolite hype ONCE AND FOR ALL !

Here are just some of the questions that will be answered in the ebook

  • Should I take zeolite liquid?
  • Which is better- Liquid or Powder zeolite?
  • Is it safe?
  • Does zeolite chelate heavy metals?
  • Will zeolite affect my medications?
  • Could zeolite "enhanced with DHQ" make me sick?
  • Should I buy zeolite of ANY brand?
  • Does zeolite cure cancer?
  • Will I be cured of anything else?
  • Should I ask a doctor what they think about zeolite?
  • Are there scientific studies on zeolite?
  • What does the FDA have to say about zeolite
  • Why should I believe YOU?

 skip the rest of the talk and go right to the book 

liquid zeolite vs. zeolite powder

"Thank you dear for sending me your book. I was getting so confused. There are so many different kinds of zeolite and all the websites say theirs is better. I was getting pretty scared and frustrated because I didn't want to make a mistake. Your book made it much clearer for me. it was nice to speak with you the other day. I didn't expect you to answer your own phone. Thank you for all of your help, and God bless you." —Hilda R., Florida, USA
"Finally someone is willing to tell the truth! There is so much crap on the internet about zeolite. What is said made sense and I'm happy with my decision." —Ron S., Ohio, USA

zeolite compare

Why am I doing this?

I wrote the liquid zeolite book because when I needed accurate information I found it hard to find, and it took me weeks of precious time to finally find the information I felt comfortable with. Now is is even HARDER to find trustworthy information because there are SO MANY more people selling zeolite! You do not have to buy what I am saying, and you do not need to give me any money. Put your credit card away, and download a free ebook filled with information you can take or leave. At least I know that you have a starting point for evaluating the products you may or may not need for your health, and I will have fulfilled a small part of my personal mission. My goal is simply to share with you what I have found. Your job is much harder than mine… you must decide what truth looks like.

"Thank you so much for making this information available to us. Your information on zeolite saved us from making a big mistake. I can never thank you enough." —Roger A.,Quebec, Canada
" I want to thank you so much for researching and writing this information down. My mom is sick and I did not have much time to go reading all over the internet. I think it is disgraceful about the zeolitetestimonials from that other site. Shame on them. " —Alma P., Alberta, Canada

 So What IS the Truth Anyway?

zeolite truth

There is a lot of misinformation and devious manipulation of facts about zeolite. I have tried to address the most common ones. Finally get to the bottom of the zeolites for money scam being perpetrated by so many. 

Our Unconditional, No-Questions-Asked Guarantee:

There is NO OBLIGATION to commit to anything. The zeolite information in this book is FREE.  You MAY even read something that will change your life! I promise. 

"I wish I had found your book before I spent money on zeolite. — Mary F. Ohio, USA

Liquid Zeolite … It's Not What You Think

When you register for the FREE Ebook about zeolite, you are also agreeing to receive occasional emails from me. I send out a newsletter, sometimes once a week, but more often every other week or so. Topics covered are health and wellness related…news on cancer, autism, alternative and natural medicines and herbs and more. If you do not wish to receive my emails once you have the ebook, then simply unsubscribe right away, or whenever you wish. There is a link to do so in every single email newsletter that is sent, and I honor all removal requests immediately. 

After you read the ebook please come back here and leave your comments


We give away free zeolite to our fans… click "LIKE" to be entered into a draw.

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Shelley Penney (17 Posts)

I am a retired registered nurse with a passion for understanding how the body works, and how to achieve optimal health. Sharing that information with others fulfills my personal mission to make a difference in the lives of others.

208 thoughts on “The Liquid Zeolite Book”

  1. I’ve heard that Zeolite is banned in California (where I live). Is this true, and if so where can I find out about California’s decision. Thank you.

  2. I don’t understand, why so information why don’t you say take this stuff or don’t take this stuff. I don’t understand should I buy zeolite, or not buy zeolite, please let me know.

    1. Hello Samuel Thanks for your comment. I understand it would be easier if I were to tell you “buy it” or do not, but I am not willing to take responsibility for someone else’s health decisions. The reason I give so much information is so that people can make an informed decision based on their own personal circumstances. I use the Zeolite Pure product from But I am not qualified to tell you what you should do. I hope that you find the information helpful to make a decision that is right for you.



  3. Hi Shelley,
    I have high levels of mercury and am looking for powdered zeolite to safely chelate mercury.
    Do you know of any reputable sellers of zeolite in Australia? I ask this as zeolite should ideally be stored in glass, and not contained in plastics very long for postage especially if posted overseas. I would prefer a local product if contained in plastic for postage as am not comfortable with using zeolite from overseas which has been posted in plastic containers.
    I have used three different zeolite products.
    First an Australian liquid zeolite product [ZeoActiv8] which I had a good result with when used at a higher dose than instructed. Used in the dilute drops dose, I felt nothing. But after researching the therapeutic dose required, I tried taking half a bottle of liquid zeolite and for the first time felt the characteristic pulling sensation associated with zeolite chelation.
    I then sourced a powdered zeolite product from overseas stored in glass, but found this product to be ineffective, without the pulling sensation and it behaved in my body like I was taking a medicinal clay. Further research on the brand product showed that it had been tested as non-human grade zeolite, was 50% medicinal clay, and contained moisture and fungus.
    The third product I tried is an Australian brand [Nikita Naturals/ Aussie Zeolite] which has behaved like a medicinal clay and has not caused the characteristic pulling sensation of zeolite chelation. The product information sheet used the word “clay” which should actually have no place in zeolite powder. Hence my suspicions it contained medicinal clay and not enough zeolite if any at all.
    Unless I can source a reliable local powdered zeolite or reliable overseas zeolite stored in glass, I am thinking about going back to the local liquid zeolite product which produced the characteristic pulling sensation of zeolite chelation, which will be a very expensive option at $50 for 1-2 doses.
    Do you have any suggestions? I would use overseas product if it came in a glass jar and had never been stored in plastic.
    Thank you.

    1. The second I sourced and found ineffective was ZeoForce, a powdered zeolite product from overseas [USA] and stored in glass.
      If it is not ok for me to mention other brands, could you please edit these references out of these two posts?
      Thank you.

  4. I am really glad I found your ebook while doing some research on zeolite. When I did,I had just started taking the MLM liquid zeolite the has only 2.4mg per serving. I am trying to get out of a 11 years long battle with environmental sensitivities (MCS and EMF). I just did a year long heavy metal detox with a chelator but an american healer just ”prescribed” the MLM zeolite. Because of the information you give away so generously, I will be doing the 5 GRAMS a serving powdered zeolite (Reply

    1. Hi James Thanks for your message. You can visit here to see the prices. They differ depending on which one you buy, but you won’t find better prices. The powder lasts 1-3 months depending on how you take it!~ 


  5. I read all your material and I have to say I am impresse
    with your knowledge of zeolite. I have tried the liquid and
    did not really feel any different after I stopped taking it, not sure
    If I am susposed to feel any difference. The information I retrieved
    from researching this lead me to believe I may gain more energy.
    Not sure that took place. Having said that I did see a difference
    in the way my stomach reacted to it. I have some stomach problems
    and it seemed more stable when taking the zeolite than it does now
    I am back to the way I was before taking it. However this may be
    all in my head of course my stomach says otherwise. I
    think I will try the powder form next see if there is a difference. I will
    let you know.

  6. Hi Shelley,
    My son and I are looking for a good detox regimen. Zeolite looks promising, but I have some concerns. I have removed Hg fillings, no longer use aluminum-containing antiperspirant (we make our own now) and so when I see that zeolite is composed of an aluminum compound I wonder. As these structures are ground finely there will be bits and pieces, powders and fragments of aluminum that I would think would ADD to my metals contamination. I can see that the intact structures might scavenge the aluminum, but I can’t imagine that it would have enough contact with all of the powder to catch it all. Have you considered this problem?
    Question number two—Mercury burrows itself into the tissues of the brain to work its mischief there, and elsewhere. I don’t think mercury compounds and ions remain in the blood stream for too long. I am thinking of these little zeolite cages moving about the body and then are excreted in 6-8 hours. How is it that they could pass the blood/brain barrier, coax out the mercury and then out of the system. I am thinking that the blood/brain barrier would not allow such a large structure to pass. It is, after all, a barrier to all but the smallest of particles. So this detox would be only be effective on the low-hanging fruit, so to speak, of free-floating metals. Cadmium is particularly persistent and tough to clean up. Is zeolite effective enough to get it out? I want this to work, but I have a certain degree of skepticism. Could you please enlighten me?
    In the past I used a product that is mined in Nevada. It is a natural collection of minerals called Mezo-trace. I look at the list of minerals and it contains only the desirable ones. What happened to the lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic, etc. Aren’t they deposited also, naturally? Just good fortune, I guess. So how does zeolite extract only the “bad” metals? Would sincerely like to know.
    Thanks, –brad

  7. This is the perfect blog for anybody who really wants to understand this topic.

    You realize so much its almost hard to argue with you (not
    that I really will need to…HaHa). You definitely put a fresh
    spin on a topic that’s been discussed for ages. Wonderful stuff, just great!

  8. Dear Penney, I have been reading your site and researching Zeolite quite thouroughly, my fiance has been battling Non Hodkins Lymphoma cancer for a year. He was in remission and then his last PET scan showed that the cancer has came back in several new areas of his body. I was just getting ready to order Zeolite when I stumbled upon your webpage. What would you reccommend to help build his Immune System back up before, or if we decide to go with Chemo therapy again, which we are trying every other natural option possible because the Chemo will kill him way before the cancer does.

  9. I had already found this out doing my own research. I am glad to hear you have changed, I was wondering how reliable you were. There is so much misleading info out there on supper foods, it is hard to find the truth.

    I am 84 years old. My major health problems are 1.) 15-20% blockage in one of my heart vaines 2.) low thyroad. My major problem is very low energy. I exercise, I eat a lot of kale (3 oz/day) other vegibles and fruite, seeds nuts . My meats are banked chicken brest, wild canned samond and grass feed beef.

    I take a lot!!! of supplyments. I have printed  "14 super food secrets unleashed" and read it several times. I hope the book is not another bunch of hipe.

    I am thinking about trying about 10 of them. I want to know if you would be willing to help me eleminate some of the supplements that I would not need because they are covered by the supperfoods.

    Ernie Clifton

    PS not interested in a MLM, tryed several an lost a lot of time and money.

    1. Hello Ernest, I use the supplement SERRAPEPTASE to reduce my CRP [C-Reactive Protein] levels, [a measure of inflammation in the body.] Serrapeptase breaks down dead material in the body, so will deal with many health issues including arterial plaque and other cardiac related issues. It also thins the blood, so this must be taken into account if using a blood thinner, which I imagine you could be if diagnosed with cardiac issues. There is alot of information about serrapetase on the internet including how it has been used in Asia for hundreds of years and around the world for the last 30 years. You can work out which information is financial agenda based to discredit this supplement, likely the reason not many best practice clinical trials have been funded. To be effective the supplement needs to be (a) taken on an empty stomach 30-60 minutes before eating and (b) also be enteric coated. This is to ensure (a) the supplement does not digest food but does what it is intended to do and (b) to ensure the supplement reaches the intestines and is not deactivated by stomach acids. Also, I prefer to use a vegetable enteric coated product, rather than silica [sand] based enteric coating. I started out with a smaller dose then increased it. My doctors did not know about this product and were impressed with how quickly it worked to reduce my CRP. It has also improved my joint movement and reduced arthritic and general pain in my body. A study on earlobe creases has postulated these are a sign of cardiac issues as 80% of the people in the study with earlobe creases had cardiac issues. I have noticed my earlobe creases are softening over time since taking serrapeptase. The FDA deems serrapeptase as safe. Hope this helps!

  10. Has anyone gotten anxious or aggressive from taking liquid zeolite?  I thought I was getting energy but only found that I was getting anxious.

  11.   I bought from zeolite company and am currently finishing off the three small liquid zeolites but really just to see if I benefit from any of it.  I will be ordering from you guys soon, the powder.  Today, after about a week and a half on the fake zeolite or diluted zeolite, I'm experiencing pain in my back where my kidneys are.  And I have to be honest, I may be taking too much of this zeolite because my mind is saying its not a full dose anywAy, so I really just drink it in water all day but stop in the evenings.  Ever heard of any experiences like that?  

    Jennifer Luckie

    1. Hi Jen Thanks for your comment! I’ve never heard of anyone getting kidney pain from zeolite and especially not from the tiniest little bits of zeolite that are in that liquid bottle. My guess is it is a coincidence, but if you aren’t sure, get yourself to a doctor. Kidney problems are nothing to mess around with! 

      Hope you’re feeling better soon!


  12. Hi Shelley, I just want to say a massive thankyou for shedding some light on all the garbage claims on the internet about Liquid Zeolite and for pointing me in the right direction about what to take. I'm 36 and undergoing treatment for secondary breast cancer at the moment, the first diagnosis was December 2008. I underwent a mastectomy, a very aggressive chemotherapy regime for three months and then radiotherapy after that.

    The chemotherapy I'm on now is so much easier than the first regime, though I can't say the first wasn't effective. I love my life I want to stay here on earth as long as I can so I'm looking for ways to keep me here. I actually came across the Zeolite product from the Cancer Fighting Strategies website, while the elixirs they recommend sound like a massive scam they do have some good information on there about the internal environment that cancer grows in for example high acidic environments, candida yeast infections and others. I am going to read the links you have put in your book. But once I've finished this chemotherapy I going to get my body's ph levels back to more alkaline and strengthen my immune system with Zeolite-AV product. I actually double checked zeolite with a naturopath here to make sure it was legitimate and read the report on the ZeoliteHealth website.

    I'll keep researching to make sure I'm doing everything I can. I would love to win the free products to get me off to a good start once I've finished my treatment. I'm happy to discuss anything with you if you feel you can assist me further in natural health products.

    Thanks again




  13. Hi, yes I am doing exactly what you said trying to pull out all the stops for mom!!  I have also encountered many many said cure remedies…but it just get's so overwhelmingly confusing and frustrating!!!  I hope you can add some insight to this maze!!  Thank you and best regards, David

  14. Thank you so very, very much Shelly for publishing the Facts that you have discovered on the Zeolite, and for exposing those who use Yahweh’s natural healing health remedies for their own greedy gain, and making the Zeolite available at a more reasonable price.  It has sure been a great, great, great blessing & help to me, and I have now found a Zeolite that I can afford to buy, which will clean the toxins out of my body.
    About 4 months ago I developed a severe skin rash on my arms, it then spread to the back of my neck, then all the way down my back and on my chest.  Also on part of my face, then to my right leg.  My arms & back looked like raw meat. It burned and itched horribly.  The only way I could get the burning to stop and get some relief was to take a very painful hot shower and then cold shower, then the burning would stop for 2 or 3 hours. I was trying every herbal remedy I could think of but nothing fazed the horrible rash.
    To say the least I was desperate, I was pleading with my Creator/Saviour Yahweh Yahwshua to show me what I needed to do to be healed, it was then that I remembered a friend who was also into natural health and I called him.  He told me I was full of toxins and that I needed to do a detox,  He recommended a product that I had never heard of before and told me where I could order this NCD product.  Well, I went to the website to check it out and could hardly believe the price of it, but being desperate, I purchased it anyway. I could only afford one bottle of it and it did begin to help my rash, but then I ran out of it in less then a week and the rash came back with a vengeance.  I did not have any more money to buy any more, so then my friend helped me get some more of the product while I was waiting for my SS check to come in and I could purchase more.  To make a long story short, I was on that Zeolite product for almost 3 months, which cost me close to $500 because, it took so many of those small 15 mL bottles of watered down Zeolite to get my body cleaned out.
    Yes, it cost me allot of money, but at least I was introduce to the wonderful Zeolite, which is the best & easiest Detox that I have ever done.  And Yes! the Zeolite works!  And I also thank my Creator & Saviour Yahweh ever day for showing me a simple way to clean out the toxins in my body, and with a natural product created by our Creator’s own  hand.
    I just this last week decided to do a search on the internet to learn more about the Zeolite and just maybe, I would find some Zeolite that was more affordable, because I am still dealing some with my rash and I really have to watch what I eat or it begins coming back, so my body still needs more Detoxing.  And HalleluYah! that is when I found Shelly’s Website, and am I ever grateful & thankful. Thank you Shelly for sharing the truth on the Zeolite and offering it at a reasonable price so it does not have to cost us an arm & a leg to get well.
    Many, Many Blessings, Shalom, Beverly

    1. Beverly Thank you THANK YOU for sharing your story!!! I am so thrilled that you have found your way here. 

      Many Blessings right back!!! 


  15. I don't have health problems, but I do think my immune system isn't working to it's fll capacity.  
    So I ordered myself and my wife an extra bottle when I was ordering Zeolite for my dad. My dad has been taking the wrong brand up till now but has noticed a big increase in health and mood already.  I can't wait for him to try the proper stuff from the proper people.  Love the price too, ordering though here is like getting 3 bottles free compared to in store prices here in Kamloops BC where I live.

    1. Hi Rafael Thanks for your questions. If you actually take the time to dissect that page you will see that he only attacks Shelley Penney. He doesn’t address the issue.  A test showed that there was a LOT less zeolite in the bottle than the label claimed. If it was true that I increased commissions by 400% (it isn’t) that still doesn’t put more zeolite in the bottle. 

      Of course I rewrote the book. Once I found out what was and was not in the bottle, not changing it would not be truthful, and I always try to do the right thing in an honest and straight-forward way. There’s nothing wrong with updating facts, as far as I can tell. :- ) 



  16. What about the aluminium content in zeolite? Everywhere I read they say it is locked in the cage and will not be absorbed by the body. Are their studies proving this?
    I am pretty skeptical now since I spend money on NCD by Waiora and read that they were ripping off people with faulty labeling and studies. Any news on that? 

    1. Hi Rafael Thanks for your question. There is no aluminum content in zeolite. Clinoptilolite is “sodium alumin-silicate”. It is a molecule made up of bonded parts,  just like H2O is made up of hydrogen and oxygen but is bound together as “water”. If molecules came apart like that you would be able to get your oxygen by sucking water into your lungs. But it doesn’t work like that. 

      For news on the Waiora lawsuit, contact attorney Jim Gitkin using their contact form

      Thanks again,


  17. Hello Shelley.  I had recently learned about zeolite itself from a random man in a coffee shop.  Once I got home I had researched it myself, thankfully stumbling on your page (which actually gave the best information).  And I would really like to commend you on what you are doing.  Using your time to inform others about this product, and actually responding is inspiring.  I have read through the testimonies and read through the book at least ten times since last night.  I am still sceptical about it all not about wasting money, but rather the affects it will have when using it.  And though I read the testimonies which were very helpful I really would like to hear it from someone else, and a more recent experience with it.  So i was wondering if you, yourself regularly take zeolite.  And the effects it has on your personally. I would super appreciate it as I do with the rest of your work.  Thank you so much. 

    1. Hello Hayley Thank you so much for reading the ebook, and taking the time to comment. I am so glad that you found the information helpful. 

      There are a number of reasons why I do not give a personal testimonial of zeolite. I am concerned that relating my personal experiences will not go over well with the FDA based on the fact that I also recommend and sell a specific product. For that, and many other reasons, I do not give personal testimonials. 

      Thanks again, Hayley

      blessings, Shelley

  18. Hi Shelley,
    I have been using powder Zeolite and have had amazing results.  I have so much more energy, my knees and hips (which were quite stiff and sore) are now virtually pain free and I've only been using it for a few weeks.  I've also lost  the fogginess in my head that I had upon awaking; sometimes lasted all day.   I also had restless leg which seems to have disappeared.  This is truly amazing!

  19. I just did away with my old soft water unit I have been using for the last fifty years and it was about one third filled with 
    Zeolite  a gold looking substance when dry looks like powder and was trying to find out what it was and what to do with it –  ok Bob

  20. Hi,
    Is there any independent authority, which is not bound to any product, that has any opinion about the zeolite bransch . The zeolite bransch and the alternative medecine bransch seems to be even worse than big pharma. So pitty, we had the chance to be different. Instead we manipulate and are attacking each other like wolves. You can't trust anybody. It is a djungel.

  21. Hello!
    I used Waior NCD. It worked for me very good. I simply can't aford it to use  permanently, because of the price. I see some powder Zeolite and will give them a try. Will see how it works. But I will not buy from the sources you recomended
    I red your book and can't see any new truth about Zeolite. You are simply promoting your business and products which you are related with… yust simple, but a little ugly. 
    About products. If I want to buy other products from your web, I am directed to "The Raw Food Store''. I know this site for a while and there was a contoversial miracle product promoted one time ago. Later they apologized for that….
    Just a simple question: ''Would you prefer to buy anything from dodgy looking guy with long hair or may be from world nown reputable doctor with excelent qualification?''

    1. I am sure you are right. Long haired guys are surely not to be trusted. :- )) 


      Many Blessings,


  22. Hi Shelley,
    Thanks for the ebook and, more importantly, THE TRUTH!  You are right — there is a LOT of misleading marketing hype surrounding liquid zeolite.  The fact that many of these companies use a MLM approach to marketing their products is a big red flag to me.  Doesn't pass the smell test!  I hope your information is widely disseminated so people can make informed decisions and vote with their wallets.  It's a shame that some deceitful people are scamming consumers just to make a dishonest buck.
    I do have one question, however.  I've read and heard that the zeolite molecule is a cage and that it can trap heavy metals and toxins.  I'm not a chemist, but as far as I am aware, no one has actually ever SEEN a molecule (any molecule) since they are so small, so isn't this just nice-sounding theory?  I don't doubt zeolite's ability to detox/filter since there seems to be a lot of evidence to support this – I am only questioning if the molecular mechanism is being paraded around as an empirical fact when it's only a hypothesis.  I admit it sounds neat that a "cage" can "trap" undesirable elements — it's a metaphor people can relate to — but ultimately I think it's just a chemical model, not a hard fact.  Just my 2 cents.
    P.S.  Please enter me into your free zeolite giveaway!

    1. Hi Cal thanks so much for taking the time to read and comment. I appreciate it more than you will know. :- ) 

      The zeolite “cage” is a metaphor of kinds, you are right about that. Though it isn’t the “molecule” per se, but the entire zeolite structure. Zeolites form and the are filled with tiny channels and pores. This gives it what people call the “cage like structure”. Then because of the negative charge it draws positively charged molecules deep into the pores in much the same way a magnet attracts oppositely charged metals. This is not a hypothesis Cal. It has just been simplified for the lay audience. :- )


      Framework Structure

      A defining feature of zeolites is that their frameworks are made up of 4-connected networks of atoms. One way of thinking about this is in terms of tetrahedra, with a silicon atom in the middle and oxygen atoms at the corners. These tetrahedra can then link together by their corners (see illustration) to from a rich variety of beautiful structures. The framework structure may contain linked cages, cavities or channels, which are of the right size to allow small molecules to enter – i.e. the limiting pore sizes are roughly between 3 and 10 Å in diameter. source-

  23. Shelley,  My kids dad was just diagnosed with lung cancer.  My friend, who is a nutritionist, told me about zeolite.  I then went on your website.  My kids will be buying it for their dad to try.  We understand there are no guarantees, it is totally in the Lords hands.  But the Lord gives us people who are knowledeable in certain things to help us through life.  So we will trust in Him.
    Thank you for your research and your sincerity. I pray we have good results to post next time.

    1. Hello Karen I am so sorry to hear your news. Thank you for taking the time to post. I dearly hope things work out for you all.




  24. I have a Zeek customer whos wife is Ukraine. She lived east of Chernoble in kiev (to the east)She told me she had had a cough for many years after the accident their. I had liquid Zeolite which i perscribed to gher along with h2o2(food grard at .67 and Coloidal silver Which i make. in 2 months her cough is gone and her complexion has greatly improved. The doctors here were of no help.  I now have her taking Asea  and she looks like a new person. Im not a doctor so i cant claim any cure but knowledge is as good as the paper given to one for passing in college. 
    One day people will learn that The AMA ,drug manufacturers and alot of doctors are now nothing more than Obamas eugenesists.

  25. Hi Shelley,
    I have a copy of your ebook from 2008 – do you have an updated version? Since that time there have been some serious issues surrounding the levels of zeolite in liquid formulations – that there was little or no zeolite in them and therefore no good was being done by taking it. I bought powder zeolite and did not like it and when mixing it with liquid it tasted like I was eating sand and there was always a fair bit left in the bottom of the glass. I tried mixing it in my porridge and again there was always a gritty feeling which has kinda put me off using it. Has the concentration of liquid zeolite significantly increased so that it actually does some good?

    1. Hi Billy Thanks for your question. I am going to send you an email regarding the points you have raised.


  26. Hi Penny,
    I have read your ebook which i discovered just in time before ordering one of the products you warned about. I have now ordered the pure powder you recommend and have joined your offer to receive your news letters which I look forward to.
    I love the idea that I can ask you questions. I'm sure I will have a few over time! 
    I'm new to all this alternative stuff. Fortunately I have a friend who is into it all and when my husband was diagnosed with prostate and testicicular cancer, he decided to go down the alternative path. I do all the research and so far his results are so good that our local GP, after recovering from shock, congratulated him and told him to keep doing whatever it was he was doing. Like you I am a retired R.N. and was initially very skeptical. Now I make it my business to try to educate anyone and everyone whose interest I can capture….including our G.P!!
    Look forward to your news snippets,

    1. Hello Patricia Thank you so much for your comments. It is nice to meet a fellow R.N. to swap stories with! ;) I am sorry to hear of your husband. You will both be in my thoughts.


  27. I read that zeolite is aluminum and silica.  Why is ingesting aluminum good for the body?  I recently finished a detox program that removed aluminum from my body.  That was a good because aluminum has been linked to alzheimers, and other illnesses.  Why would I now want to add aluminum by taking Zeolite?

    1. Hi Ann The zeolite molecule is tightly bound. For the same reason you don’t worry about getting too much hydrogen when you drink water, you do not need to worry about the aluminum. It is a zeolite molecule the way H2O is a water molecule. Aluminum is not freely floating in your body when you take zeolite. I take zeolite because it removes heavy metals and toxins safely from my body. I feel it is superior to any other detox method.

  28. I'm so confused I would like your help.  I have a 5 year old grandson who has autism.  I was very excited about what I had been reading about zeolite and autism, but now I don't know what to believe.  Would you please help me find out if it is as helpful as I have been reading.  I am concerned about the class action law suit about the one company.  Is powdered better than drops and do you think you could get a fussy child to take it?  I'm anxious to hear from you. I'm tired of wasting money on things that don't work. Thank you very much, Judy H.

  29. Thank you so much for saving me hours of research.  You've also saved me total confusion and doubt as to which one is the best zeolite, pure and simple.  You've taken a load off.  Thank you for caring and sharing the simple truth. Bless you.  ~landa

  30. Shelley, 
    I wanted to thank you for your ongoing work to expose Waiora for its fraudulent
    activities. I recently visited a site supposedly created by a group of  Waiora
    representatives, calling themselves a "truth squad". It is interesting they
    spend multiple paragraphs attacking you and your business practices but not a
    word responding to your claims of Waiora's fraudulent activities. No response
    regarding the lack of clinical trials, no study, no patent, false labeling on
    their product, etc. 
    I recommend people note how weak this is. Regardless of what they say about you,
    their and Waioras failure to provide answers to your claims/charges exposes
    waiora for who they really are.

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you for your kind support. Mark Ellins owns that site, and it is endorsed by Waiora, and you are right, that site and their lack of real answers really does expose them. I am so appreciative of the kindness of so many people like you, that I’ve never met, that see the truth and speak out in support. Each new voice of protest strengthens the movement against this NCD zeolite scam perpetrated against so many people.

      I appreciate that you took the time and energy to write.
      Thank you. :- )

  31. Shelley,
    Been reading your posts for months. Thanks for all you do in your education.
    I recently has heard a new zeolite was coming to market by a former Wairoa executive, I think Touchstone. Is this another me too?

  32. There are two problems here:
    1- Your writing lacks a logical follow to it. Just say what you want to say in 4 sentences and then go to detailed story. The way you present your material is just to convert an emotional reaction to the reader rather than make a solid argument. (Works with the average American, but not me).
    2-I don’t trust nurses or MDs. They are big pharma’s brain washed agents.

    1. Hello Sim: Thanks so much for taking the time to read and comment. I am glad you got the information you needed to come to a conclusion, and it is nice to know that people other than average Americans find my information interesting enough to read. I appreciate your feedback.

  33. Shelley,

    I am curious as to which Zeolite company you market for in your mailings? I was looking at Waiora’s Natural Cellular Defense until I saw the information about them being sued, etc. Is everyone so corrupt that we can’t even get good information about something that might be beneficial?


    1. Hello Eric Thank you for your comment. If you downloaded the little ebook, then scroll to the end for the recommendations. Yes, the supplement industry is a minefield, so I’ve discovered. There is a lot of money to be made from sick people, and there seems to be no shortage of people willing to exploit that. It is infuriating frankly, and that seems to be the world we live in.

      Thankfully, Eric, there are some good people. It just may take a little digging.


  34. I found the ebook very informative and I have decided to get this for us and mom. Family history of cancer and this sounds like a wise move for all of us, especially today with all the pollution. Thanks for all your time to develop all of this and I hope your business is booming for it.

  35. Found the book very informative, thanks for the education. Plan to buy it as my son has been diagnosed with melanoma just last week need to get more info on what to do next.

    1. Hello Marie I am so very sorry to hear about your son. I am sending much love and positive energy your way.


  36. I heard about Zeolite from a neighbor, being the skeptic I am I decided to do some research about it. I found so much info out there and was overwhelmed with this. I finally found this site. Thank you for your candid information and research. I had cancer five years ago so I am very cautious as to what goes in my body. However, the cancer has left it’s mark on me and I need to feel well again. The chemo and radiation have destroyed area of my body that will never be the same again, so I want the rest of me to feel good!

    1. Hi Carol Thanks so much for your comment, and congratulations on being a survivor. I am glad my information was helpful to you.


    1. Hi Gary Thanks for your interest. It is easy to get the ebook delivered directly to your email. Just scroll up and fill out the form above.


  37. Hi Shelley,

    Thanks for the Zeolite ebook. I was shocked to read about the great number of heavy metals that I most likely have in my body,
    and all the different illnesses associated with those toxic metals. Time to get them out of body with Zeolite!


    1. Hello Edward Thank you for your comments, and for being a valued reader. : -) It is really amazing to me too, the number of chemicals and toxins that our bodies have had to assimilate. It is no wonder that so many people are feeling unhealthy. I take my zeolite every day!


  38. Shelly,
    The first thing I appreciate about the book, is that it is free. I have received many e-mails regarding information that can help save someone’s life. In all but three cases the information was offered for a price. It is callus, unfeeling, and criminal to withhold lifesaving information from persons who need it and are dying without it. Yes, I know people have to make a living in these hard times. I could say more, but I won’t.

    Next, I appreciate the manner in which you presented the information. It is extensive, but doesn’t take forever to read. Also,it is not too difficult to understand.

    I look forward to your newsletters and will be sharing the information with others.

    1. Hello Linda Thank you so much for your email. The information that I provided is found else where on the internet. It is often just covered up by a “better marketer’s” version. I try hard to provide honest, current information and hope it will benefit many.


    1. Hello Raymond Thank you for your interest. Please fill out the form above with your name and email address, and the Zeolite ebook shall be on the way.

  39. Have been fighting Multiple Sclerosis for years. From bee stings to all the ABC drugs and Tysabri, then last year a study on how the body can be rebooted with chemotherapy. I’m better since having the chemo, but after having Mercury fillings for 30+ years and having them removed in a regular dentists office, I’m positive I have to much mercury in my tissues! It’s time to do something again. I am going to the website you recommended to order zeolite, then I will come back and update my comment on how it worked for me. Can’t wait to be carrying less metals! Thank you so much!

  40. Shelley, Very well done. You made the ebook easy to understand and a quick read. Thanks for taking the time to do the research and put this together.

  41. Hi Shelley!

    Thank you for your great perspective & your energy for healing. I appreciate the information regarding Zeolite that you are sharing. As a healer & social worker, I have always stood for ethics in all we do as service providers.

    I look forward to more information being shared.



    1. Hi Douglas Thank you for your kind comments, and thank you for taking the time to email me personally. I sincerely hope that in my perspective, you will find something that truly makes a difference. : -)


  42. Hello there,

    I was just spammed today with an invitation to join NCD Wellness an MLM company in pre-launch mode selling zeolite … but heck… I think it is just one of the usual scams like MonaVie with their health juice…that has no effect…and cost an arm and a leg to buy…
    Do you know anything about this company or their product?
    The brag that it has been sold worldwide for 2 years from the doctors…but who knows??




    1. Hi Jean Thanks so much for commenting. I agree with you about FDA.. These are certainly interesting times. I am glad you found the ebook information helpful Jean. Let me know if you have any questions.


  44. Shelley,
    I was so glad to find out the truth about the “other” product before wasting any more money on a product that never seemed to make a difference. I have a dog with terrible skin allergies and believe now that they are due to toxins related to vaccinations he received years ago. He has been plagued with extreme itching and scratching ever since and other allergy tests are negative. So I am going to order some zeolite for us BOTH!
    Thanks for your integrity!

    1. Hi Marsha Thank you for your comments. I like to think that I do what anyone else would when faced with similar situation, but I am discovering that isn’t always the case. At the end of the day, I sleep better, and I hope others are better off. :- )

      Come back and let us know how you make out.


  45. Yeah – I have been interested in trying Zeolite for some time. I feel that I have much research to do so thanks for all the information that you provide.

  46. I’ve read your book and am very convinced with everything you say. My right hand shakes when I want to write or try to control my computer mouse and touch pad, which is most annoying. I’m thinking I have more heavy metal in me, than what should be. I’m anxious to try Zelolite powder. Irv. G.

    1. Hi Irv Thank you for your comment. It was great to speak with you. Let us know how you make out with the zeolite powder.


  47. Hi Shelly,

    I’m interested in taking Zeolite but my question is how safe is it? I’ve read some where that Zeolite causes Mesothelioma?!? What’s the deal with that?


    1. Hi Andreas Thank you for your question. Interestingly enough, yours is a fairly common question and I answered it over here I heard zeolite causes cancer. Is this true? There is a community in a desert area in Turkey where people are breathing in zeolite dust that is blown into the air by the wind. The people who live in these communities have a higher incidence of a rare type of lung cancer. If you decide to get zeolite, you won’t inhale it every day anyway. :- )
      You can read about that here

      Let me know if I can be of further assistance.

  48. Hello, Shelley,

    I had purchased the Waiora Zeolite after reading all the glowing reviews. I truly believed that this would be THE product that could possibly make a difference in my cat. He has hyperthyroid and kidney issues, not a good combination. Well, I went through 6 bottles with him, and I couldn’t say that it helped very much. Actually he was getting a bit worse. I am afraid I do not go along with conventional methods for treating his conditions. I have been trying other protocols just to keep him stable. It is very hard. That is when something inside said to do a little more searching. I came across your web site. When I received your email regarding this zeolite, I wasn’t surprised. Would you know if this present zeolite would be helpful to my cat? I hate to keep buying and trying and coming up empty. Oh, I have read many blogs regarding his condition, dug deeply researching, and after a while it gets all so overwheliming. I so wish to help him. He may be older, but I want to try and give him a little more quality life. I certainly do not mean to put you on the spot, but if anyone has written you regarding their pets and how effective it has been for them, I would certainly appreciate whatever you might have to share.

    Thank you for doing what you do and for not giving up. Most of all, thank you for caring enough to share your knowledge and for being bold and brave enough to stand up for what is the right thing to do.

    Thank you for your time.


    1. Hello Lesley Thank you for your comments and your kind words. I am so sorry to hear about your beloved pet. I have 5 cats that call me their servant so I know how you feel. :- ) As far as whether zeolite will help or not, you know that is impossible to say. The only thing to do is try. What I CAN tell you is that the zeolite is pure, and micronized. If you were to get the AV capsules you could open up a capsule and put a bit in his food. You will spend less than $30 and the capsules have 900 mg in them! For that price it is probably worth a try Lesley, and you can use them yourself as well. Just like with humans, it is difficult to know what will help a body heal, unless one knows the exact cause. We do know that our pets are exposed to the same toxins that we are.

      I appreciate your taking the time to write. I hope your baby gets better.


  49. Dear Shelley,

    Your new website information is wonderful. We do not have FaceBook.
    Thank you for all of the valuable information.

    Susan and family

  50. I look for great information everyday, and I came across your site about 2 years ago and I still read it. I will be ordering it soon, for I have waited and researched the internet and I think your site is the real most trusting site. I hope this will work for me and my family.

  51. I’m interested in this powdered zeolite….but I’d also like to know how I could go about getting a refund on this liquid zeolite. It’s way too expensive to have not worked! I joined as a member and also purchased 7 bottles.

    1. Hi Agena You need to contact the company you bought the product from and see if they will honor a refund. Thanks for visiting.

  52. Hi Shelley

    Thank you very much for all the info —— now could you tell me if
    there is a reliable outlet in Australia ????????

    Sincerely Glynn

    1. Hi Glynn- not that I know of, but one of the companies I mention in the e-books ships from the US to pretty much anywhere in the world hassle free. They’ve shipped to Australia many times without problems.

  53. Thank you for this information. I had the feling the (original liquid zeolite MLM company) thing was a scam. I really appreciate the ebook and I plan to try out your recommended zeolite powder after a little bit more research. In this world it seems there is constant deception and a fish simply can’t bite the first worm it sees unless it want to get taken as a sucker. I know the drill. Thank You!

    1. Thank you Susie Marie. You know, I would love it if each one of us could simply make a stand for our beliefs. It isn’t always easy to do. Thanks for dropping by!

  54. Dear Shelley,

    Your resolve to help people live a healthy and informed life without fear through
    your medical training and tireless research is a great blessing to all. We are
    very grateful recipients of your dedication to truthful inquiry and sharing of
    healthful knowledge and hope that you will continue this pursuit for years to come.

    Many thanks from our family,

    1. Susan it has been such a pleasure getting to know you, and some of my other readers over the years. I have certainly made some wonderful friends. People like you :-)

  55. I have been very skeptical about the amount of Zeolite in the (MLM Liquid Zeolite Company) product for a Long time, It seems impossible for 2400mg of Zeolite to fit into that tiny little bottle.

    I am so thankful to you for telling us the truth about it

    It’s amazing what some people will believe!

  56. I was looking for the truth about zeolite. Thank god i found it before I bought the (original liquid zeolite brand) zeolite. I don’t know if zeolite works, but at least I will get a product that actually has zeolite in it so I can review it honestly. I will let u know.

  57. I was looking for zeolite information when I saw your site. I thought it was a scam like every thing else. Something made me read your book. I am glad I did. Your information gave me what I need to know, you answered my mail quick, both times. Theres lots of web sights that talk about them being the best but then what they say doesn’t make sense. I didn’t understand none of it until I found you so thank you.

    1. Hi William I enjoyed speaking with you, and I am happy to have provided you with the information you needed to make a decision that was right for you and your family.


  58. Shelley You are a woman of honor and integrity. It took a lot of guts for David to go up against Goliath. We all know how that turned out! Keep up the great work. I am a “forever fan”. I love the new zeolite too!


  59. Dear Shelley,
    THANKS for all that info. I’ve been following your work of passion since a little while now and despite the fact that I am so busy ((24/7) until nov./dec. ), I want to say you are doing a fantastic job.
    As Winston Churchill was saying; ” Never Never Quit ”
    So, until I could free myself up, keep up the good work !
    Best Regards,

    1. Hello Pierre So nice to hear from you! Thank you for following along. It’s nice to know other people care enough to read.

  60. Hi Shelley and good day!

    Thanks so much for all your updates and newsletters. Your effort in sharing and disseminating health information is being highly appreciated by many people like me. Continue your good works and be bless through them.


  61. Shelley I love your writings, and I love that you must be incredibly busy but you still took the time to take my call. I never even expected to speak with you, never mind take time to answer my concerns. In this day and age you are a rare find.


    1. Hey Shelley (Love the name!!) I love that we have been able to connect Shelley. It really CAN be difficult, but it is comforting to know there are people like you to share the journey with!

      1. likewise shelley i think its a crying shame that there are so many sick people out there that feel they dont have a choice , its sad isnt it , and to all the love ones that have gone already , it makes me an even more determined person to help the ones i love and people in general , i have gathered a fair amount of knowledge over the years , in the field of cancer,, natural alternatives, homeopathics remedies , vaccine damage , its really down to us individuals to spread what we know, theres nothing in it for us only that we may have helped just one more person realize that there are other ways of treating something illness cancer, autisim , damage or just well being,why would anyone of us want to keep it to our selves , when so many people just need a little confident push in the right direction , there isnt a day that goes by now that someone doesnt ask me for my advice on what i know , and when you are passionate enough to share it with anybody it truely makes you feel like your making a big difference, word of mouth is a powerfull tool , especially when you know that things work ,and if you have the knowledge have had a postive experience then tell people for every one that doesnt listen there are a dozen that do and its the only way of of making something known , and whats more it throws hope in a direct path of someone who will definately need it , there is always someone extremely gratefull that they stumbled across or was pointed in the right direction of you me and many others :)

        1. Shelley do you have a website or newsletter? I bet some of my readers would love to know more about the things you could share.



  63. HI, Shelly! I read your newsletters, and use liquid zeolite. Thanks for the information. Keep sending the newsletters they are vital to the health of us all. Thanks again!

  64. Hi Shelley I have been reading your newsletter for a long time. Couple of years at least. When I want to know about natural products and foods yours is one of the sites I visit. The zeolite information has helped a lot of people!

    Best Regards,

  65. Hi Shelley

    I always look forward to your news and have sent people to your site. Thank you for all you’ve done. Keep up the good work!


  66. Hi Shelley

    You supply a great deal of useful information and I would rather recommend you than any standard medical practioner. I have yet to study all the information that you have supplied about natural cures but will in time I can assure you.
    All the Best

  67. Dear Shelly,
    I came across your site when doing research for my sister with an 8MM breast tumor. We were searching for things we could use (afford) along with her standard treatment. Your book and site have help me keep informed about what is avalible and how others are using it. Your site is part of my go to tool box of information. Please keep us reading and informed. Knowlege is power.

  68. This is a Great Piece of Information that is Critical for Every Living Person,
    (even if you have great health & don’t Suffer with a Chronic, or Painful Illness, which Toxins
    or “Body Burden” are a major influencing & contributing factor of all know Dehibilitating
    & Poor Health Conditions _ know fact) to know _ & even MORE CRITICAL for Women who
    are Pregnant or want to be. If You have ANY DOUBTS about those statements_ just do a Google
    Search for the video “10 Americans” _ & WATCH IT! It is “Private Study” done by the EWG
    (Environmental Working Group), paid for by them_ For Our Interests & Well Being_
    it will put fear into the hearts of ANY Loving Parent. I highly recommend using a High
    Quality Powdered Micronized form of Zeolite for Detoxification, & I applaud Shelly Penny,
    For Providing Us with such just such a High Quality Source of Information & Zeolite Product.
    Thank You Shelly Penny.
    Sincerely, Joseph Dykstra

  69. No Wonder This (liquid) product Did Nothing for Me!! It was a Scam??? I Wasted my Money? very dissappointed!! Peace&Love Charles

  70. je peut lire englais mais pour l ecrire jai de la difficulte je vous remerci pour les nouvelles information mais j ai achete 16 bouteilles de zeolite liquide et avant d achete dautre ziolite je vais finir ceux que jai mais mercie pour les informations

    1. Merci Fernand. Je parle un tres petit peut francais. I will look forward to speaking with you when you finish your bottles. A bientot.

  71. Hi Shelley You’ve been a godsend! I love your information. I think you are courageous in looking out for the people you care about. You are definitely one of the good ‘guys’

  72. I appreciate your efforts in our behalf and research on products to aid us in decisions about our health. Keep up the good work.

  73. I very much appreciate all the help you have given through your books, web site and emails. I appreciate your honesty and I can really feel you care.


    CHIROPRACTORS: As you know, the fundamental hypothesis of chiropractic is that disease is caused by noxious EXTERNAL environmental irritants (mechanical/chemical/psychic) causing noxious INTERNAL environmental irritation of the nervous system. See Dorland’s Illustrated Medical Dictionary [1988, 1994, 2000].

    Regardless whether heavy metals and toxins noxiously/CHEMICALLY irritate the nervous system (or wreak havoc some other way) – I am sure that since you – as a chiropractor – focus on removing hypothetical noxious/MECHANICAL irritants you will resonate with this quote from Shelley’s book:

    “Zeolite removes heavy metals and toxins…Once the burden on the immune system is relieved, the body has an environment in which it can heal. Your body is MEANT to heal itself, and if it isn’t bogged down then it often WILL heal itself.” (p. 13, The Liquid Zeolite Book, emphases in original.)

    Many doctors of chiropractic have likely been recommending zeolite to their patients for years.

    I have been out of office practice, retired and unlicensed for some time now – and am glad to have learned about zeolite (and Shelley) – from a chiropractor – even at this late date.

    Thanks Phil. Thanks Shelley.



    Dr. Gastaldo
    Hillsboro, Oregon
    OPEN LETTER archived at:

  75. Hi Shelly,
    Thank-You for being there, for us. I wouldn,t be without the great products you offer us. I just wanted to say thanks again,, and my pets thank you also,
    Mary Anne Mathers

    1. Ah Mary Anne So glad you brought up your dear pets. They have gained much from our knowledge of zeolite too haven;t they? My cats get it every day and I think they are better for it!

  76. Hi Shelly,
    Thanks for all your hard work. You are a warm and caring person ……. Which I find very refreshing!!!!!
    Thanks for your honesty and hard work!!!

    Sll the best,
    Linda Lubetzky

  77. HI Shelly,
    Thanks for all your honest research, it is so true that when you are sick you don’t have the time to do all this research and I know that you have put a great deal in yor book, and to offer it for FREE is so awsome. Thanks again

    Pam Nicolay
    Foresthill, CA

  78. Hi Shelly, After looking at a dozen websites and articles prior to reading your book, I felt like was still skirting the edges of this subject.

    Then I read the information you supplied and found it provided much more information than all the other sources combined. You have obviously spent a lot of time gathering this and putting it in one place.

    Thank you,

    Gerald Arnold
    Denver, CO

    1. Hi Gerald It’s true there is lots of superficial information out there. Everyone seems to say the same things too. I am glad you found some value here.

  79. hi shelly, i have bin getting your news letter for about two years now and i think you do a great job on keeping me informed ,keep up the good work and if you need anything just let me know,keep up the good work. david l

  80. Hi Shelly, I am very thankful for your work and for being able to discover this miracle product, keep on going and thanks for your help

  81. I have been a member about 6 months. I really appreciate the updates from the newsletters. I also love getting the e-mails.

  82. Hi Shelly, Keep up the good work . It’s refreshing to hear from someone who has discovered some hard truth and then is willing to share it. Deb

  83. Hi Shelley I’ve been a member of your newsletter list for about 2 years now. You always go the extra mile to keep us informed. I absolutely love getting you emails. Thank you so much for everything.

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