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Before you buy ANY zeolite you need to read this report, but only if you want to save money and time searching for the right product only to discover you've been 'had' by slick marketing and a fancy story.

Believe me when I tell you, what I am going to share with you I had to learn the hard way. After spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars on worthless products and sorting through the marketing jibber-jabber, I have followed a long road to the truth. By now you have come to realize that there are a lot of different 'opinions' about zeolite. At this moment, I am sure you are thoroughly confused! skip the rest of the talk and go right to the book Is zeolite a scam Have you started to wonder if that is the point?

If you are confused enough, and scared enough (based on what you think zeolite does after your tour on the internet), then maybe you will buy the zeolite that is number 1 in Google's search engine. Or maybe you will buy the guy who has six websites about zeolite on the front page. Will you buy from the guy who has the best marketing? Will you even hear the little guy who may be telling the truth, but is found many pages back in the search results? Is the answer on the front page of Google?

Let's face it, Google doesn't know the truth anymore than you do. The search engines are also 'victim' to great marketing. Google decides to put something on the front page of the results based on what their computer thinks of the way the words are arranged on your page. Google doesn't make a judgement, they just serve up the best websites, not necessarily the best answers.

Do a Google search. There are nearly 5 MILLION web pages that mention zeolite! The guys on the front page make the most sales, but

are they selling the zeolite you need?

skip the rest of the talk and go right to the book So how is anyone supposed to make sense of the opinions, facts and scientific facts floating around? Well I guess there are a couple of ways. You can visit thousands of websites, take a survey of all the information that's out there, and go with the ones that have the most information… OR you can search until you find someone it feels like you can trust. After you read the ebook please come back here and leave your comments zeolite

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Just in case the second option is the one you prefer, let me tell you a bit about myself…

Zeolite Shelley PenneyMy name is Shelley Penney. I am a Registered Nurse, and I retired a few years back. Since I retired I have done a variety of things to earn money from home. For the first couple of years I sold cosmetics from my home office. Then I got sick, and for a couple of years I didn't really go out much, so my sales business took a beating. While I was sick, I started scouring the internet for a product that could help me feel better, with the thought that if I did feel better I could tell other people about it, and earn a living that way. I really liked this idea because it was something that not only could help me, but (hopefully) a lot of other people too! I didn't find zeolite right away. I tried a few other things first, but I have been sharing knowledge of zeolite since 2006. I also share information on a lot of natural health alternatives through my newsletter, which you get at the same time that you get the zeolite ebook. I have read nearly every bit of information on the internet about zeolite. OK well that's getting harder to keep up with since there has been an explosion of new zeolite supplements in the past year or so, but I just wanted to make a point that I know an awful lot about zeolite. I have made some mistakes, and spent a lot of money on the wrong products, but that money has bought me some valuable lessons that I want to share with you.

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What Information Would Help You Choose the Best Zeolite Product for Your Needs?

Well first you want to know, will zeolite cure … well… whatever you or a loved one is suffering with, right? Or if it can at least help you in some way. You also want to know, is zeolite safe, clean, and non-toxic, and you want to know what the zeolite side effects are. Generally you want good information that can help you make a decision about which is the best zeolite to buy, am I right?

You are not alone in wondering these things. There are a lot of people out there just like you…a dad with cancer, a young mom with an autistic child who heard that autism and thimerosal are connected, a maintenance worker with asbestos exposure, a 45 year old, once healthy, career woman who can't leave home because of chemical sensitivity, a 32 year old dad who can't enjoy soccer with his son because of acute allergies, a 68 year old with a heart condition and history of "heavy metals" exposure that the doctor has recommended chelation (detox) therapy for, a 43 year old shift worker with crippling fibromyalgia, a dental hygienist with years of exposure to mercury amalgam in dental fillings, you just want a good detox agent, or you are someone who is suffering from any one of a host of different diseases, syndromes, illnesses, or symptoms that could be linked to toxin overload!

I can help you with that. The answer to your questions are in Liquid Zeolite – It's Not What You Think that you are going to get free.

Next, you need to know if you should get Liquid Zeolite or Zeolite Powder.

zeolite powder and liquid zeolite Liquid people say zeolite powder doesn't work, and the powder people say zeolite liquid doesn't work. All of them have pretty compelling arguments to support their position. So how do you figure out who is telling the truth about zeolite? I can help you answer that question as well. Visit Liquid Zeolite or Zeolite Powder- Which One is Best? The truth is , the argument really isn't about liquid or powder. Seriously… liquid zeolite is only zeolite powder already mixed in water for you. But what PRODUCTS are better than others? Which ones are dangerous? Which one is safe for you to use?.. that information is available in The Liquid Zeolite Book.

Finally I Think You Want To Know That You Are Getting The Best Product For Your Money

Let's face it, the search for natural health can be an expensive one, ESPECIALLY if you go by what a stranger tells you on the internet. You don't have to believe ME either, but one of the benefits you have is that my email and telephone number are inside the ebook. You can call me, or email me and I will answer your questions personally.

Most people on the internet aren't curing their (or your) cancer, they are selling product. Zeolite does not cure cancer, and it isn't a miracle cure for anything. This book explains what it DOES do and it is important that you read it before you ingest zeolite products.

I'm about to BLOW THE LID OFF the Liquid Zeolite hype ONCE AND FOR ALL !

Here are just some of the questions that will be answered in the ebook

  • Should I take zeolite liquid?
  • Which is better- Liquid or Powder zeolite?
  • Is it safe?
  • Does zeolite chelate heavy metals?
  • Will zeolite affect my medications?
  • Could zeolite "enhanced with DHQ" make me sick?
  • Should I buy zeolite of ANY brand?
  • Does zeolite cure cancer?
  • Will I be cured of anything else?
  • Should I ask a doctor what they think about zeolite?
  • Are there scientific studies on zeolite?
  • What does the FDA have to say about zeolite
  • Why should I believe YOU?

skip the rest of the talk and go right to the book

liquid zeolite vs. zeolite powder

"Thank you dear for sending me your book. I was getting so confused. There are so many different kinds of zeolite and all the websites say theirs is better. I was getting pretty scared and frustrated because I didn't want to make a mistake. Your book made it much clearer for me. it was nice to speak with you the other day. I didn't expect you to answer your own phone. Thank you for all of your help, and God bless you." —Hilda R., Florida, USA
"Finally someone is willing to tell the truth! There is so much crap on the internet about zeolite. What is said made sense and I'm happy with my decision." —Ron S., Ohio, USA

zeolite compare

Why am I doing this?

I wrote the liquid zeolite book because when I needed accurate information I found it hard to find, and it took me weeks of precious time to finally find the information I felt comfortable with. Now is is even HARDER to find trustworthy information because there are SO MANY more people selling zeolite! You do not have to buy what I am saying, and you do not need to give me any money. Put your credit card away, and download a free ebook filled with information you can take or leave. At least I know that you have a starting point for evaluating the products you may or may not need for your health, and I will have fulfilled a small part of my personal mission. My goal is simply to share with you what I have found. Your job is much harder than mine… you must decide what truth looks like.

"Thank you so much for making this information available to us. Your information on zeolite saved us from making a big mistake. I can never thank you enough." —Roger A.,Quebec, Canada
" I want to thank you so much for researching and writing this information down. My mom is sick and I did not have much time to go reading all over the internet. I think it is disgraceful about the zeolitetestimonials from that other site. Shame on them. " —Alma P., Alberta, Canada

So What IS the Truth Anyway?

zeolite truth There is a lot of misinformation and devious manipulation of facts about zeolite. I have tried to address the most common ones. Finally get to the bottom of the zeolites for money scam being perpetrated by so many.

Our Unconditional, No-Questions-Asked Guarantee:

There is NO OBLIGATION to commit to anything. The zeolite information in this book is FREE. You MAY even read something that will change your life! I promise.

"I wish I had found your book before I spent money on zeolite. — Mary F. Ohio, USA

Liquid Zeolite … It's Not What You Think

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